1. Are the FC2s Lubricated?

Yes they come pre-lubricated with silicone

2. Can extra lubricant be added to the FC2s?

Yes you can use extra lubricant to the FC2s.

3. Where do I add the extra lubricant on the FC2?

Applying lubricant to the inside of the condom is suggested. FC2s were made to impact pleasure by warming to the body temperature and adhering to the vaginal walls, and adding extra lubricant to the outside will interfere with the impact pleasure design of the condom. Adding extra lubricant to the outside will not compromise the condom.

4. Is it true that both “Oil” and “Water” base lubricants can be used with the FC2s?

Yes both types of lubricants can be used with this condom.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the ONLY condom where oil base lubricant is okayed for use and will not compromise the integrity of the condom.

5. How long do I have to wait before putting the FC2 on?

Unlike the first female condom their was not a long term wear test done so the average time women have been inserting the FC2s have been between 2 and 20 minutes before sexual intercourse.

6. Can the FC2 be used for anal sexual intercourse?

The FDA has not approved the FC2 for anal intercourse because many states have sodomy laws in place, but people are currently using FC2 for anal sexual intercourse.

7. Can the FC2 and Nuvaring be used together?

The Nuvaring and FC2 should not be used together. Only during the week that the woman removes the Nuvaring per the instructions of using the hormonal birth control method can she use the FC2.

8. Can I use the FC2 on my Menstrual Cycle?

Yes, the FC2 can be used as a barrier method when a woman is menstruating (having her period) or spotting in between periods.

9. Can a big or well endowed man use the FC2?

Yes, the FC2 is designed to line the vagina. The average vaginal canal is only as long as the female condom. Men who have a longer than average penis can still use the female condom because they ARE NOT wearing the condom, their partner is wearing the condom.

10. Does the FC2 feel natural during sex?

Yes, partners of users have reported that when having sexual intercourse while the FC2 is inserted it feels natural as if the woman is not wearing a barrier during sex.

11. How often has the FC2 rip or tear?

The FC2 have rip/tear less than 1% of the time.

12. Can the condom come off during sex?

Yes, riding on the Penis can cause the condom to stick to the penis and come out of the vagina during sex, but adding more lubricant inside the condom can fix that problem